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As more businesses and users migrate to the internet for whatever they’re doing – the people with malicious intent online will grow in parallel numbers. Cybersecurity is the front door of your business, just made out of numbers – and also – if you are lucky – a team of well-motivated IT guards.

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Network Inventorisation & Mapping

Control your IT, don’t let it go the other way round.

Network Vulnerability Assessment

Find any vulnerabilities that can compromise the overall security, privacy and operations.

Application Vulnerability Assessment

Do everything to protect the core ideas of your application and along with that protect the user as well.

Penetration Testing & Security Assessment

Identify vulnerabilities and ensure workable cyber controls.

GDPR Security Compliance

Stay on top of GDPR compliance regulation & protect your business.

Proprietary Exploit Database

Get ahead by trusting our personal threat database - we can protect your data better.

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